Interview with Naja Lee Jensen: Body as a sensor

September 4, 2013

Last year during Ganz Novi Festival I did a series of interviews with artists, curators and performers for the festival as a commissioned work, they were published for Kulturna TV. It’s time to re-blog them all before the new edition of the festival. The first artist is Naja Lee Jensen from Sweden.


Naja Lee Jensen (c)

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Textile sculptures by Josipa Stefanec – gallery

April 18, 2010

While I was browsing through Croatian contemporary textile art, I came to work by young artist Josipa Stefanec… I like the way her dresses and garments look like installations, whilst her installations look like dresses in the space…

Photo: Vulic (c), taken from ULUPUH

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Katie Lewis – needle body mapping

April 13, 2010

Visual artist Katie Lewis is doing rather impressive body and sentiments mapping with pins, thread and a pencil… the results are quite impressive…

Katie Lewis: 201 Days, pins, pencil, thread (c)

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Book of Miri

April 7, 2010

I really wouldn’t be a good blogger, if I wouldn’t blog about documentary Book of Miri by Katrine Philp, a film that I saw in the competitive programme of ZagrebDox Festival last month.


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