Body Pixel enriches Punkt Magazine #1

July 19, 2010

Remember the articles on textile art that covered artists who took part at Balkan Fiber Art and Remade – Art service 2 (Sremski Karlovci & Belgrade, Serbia)? Well, now you can also find them in the 1st issue of Punkt Magazine, publication of Punctum for art experiment, published in Belgrade.
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Interview with Nena Skoko: Treating textiles and fibers

March 22, 2010

Contemporary textile artist Nena Skoko has already been presented here on Body Pixel. Ivana blogged about Nena’s work within the presentation of the international project Balkan Fiber Art… BFA was here completely reviewed during 2008/09…

‘One Month’ from installation Changes exhibited at Fairy-tales by Nena Skoko

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Fibre experiments by Biljana Roman

January 27, 2009

Creating in textile usually starts with traditional education, learning all kinds of strict procedures, characters of textile, materials and their qualities; but as every good artists, Biljana Roman escaped all these rules and found her very individualistic expression: three-dimensional tapestries shaped like dome, fibre structures that weightlessly float in the air or hang like a filling without a warp… She’s a truly special weaving lady who’s skilled to wrap you around the finger on a very first sight.

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Gordana Olujic – soft stitch that moves hard

November 25, 2008

If you saw a composition of yarn with stapler filling and nothing got broken, then you stumbled upon amazing art by Gordana Olujic. The dynamic balance of fragility and brutality in the use of material corresponds to the ambivalence of the spirituality and emptiness or cruelty of living as the central idea of Olujic’s artwork.

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