Pocket cinema: How Buildings Learn – documentary

December 21, 2010

How Buildings Learn (1997) is a  BCC documentary series made after the synonymous book by Stewart Brand from 1994.

Because I’m very fond to Buckminster Fuller and Frank O. Gehry’s shapes and lines, this documentary has given me a different perspective to the space and walls, we call architecture.


How Buildings Learn Scheme

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Body cinema: Jump Britain – A Parkour documentary

May 7, 2009

Probably you’ve noticed that I’m slightly fascinated with Parkour. Therefore, I’ve decided to introduce you with a documentary ‘Jump Britain’ (2005) by Mike Christie, that covers the story of several free runners in UK.

Free Running is a sub-group free style of Parkour, and the term itself was coined during the filming of the film you are going to watch here, in order to introduce and get closer this street form to the public in England.

urban_freeflow.jpgPhoto taken from howstuffworks

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