Milena Ristic – on the happy side of art and the blunt side of life

December 2, 2010

Milena Ristic is one of those artists who is deeply rooted into everyday reality, but manages to capture its absurdities like miniature fragments – bitter sweet, edgy, direct and hard to resist.



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Several films on Jenny Holzer…

November 14, 2009

Jenny Holzer‘s LED signs still impress me… probably because they simply flow… therefore, I’ve picked up for you several short films about her artwork, as well as documentary Protect Me From What I Want by Marcello Dantas… For many twitterers, I have to mention here that Jenny is pretty active on Twitter, check here

jenny_holzer.jpgFrom Protect Protect by Jenny Holzer (c) taken from g4graphic

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Maria Kheirkhah’s mute belly dance

March 15, 2009

I saw Maria Kheirkhah‘s artwork ‘Dancing in the Village’ (a part of the ‘Portraits of a belly dancer’ explorations) two days ago at the exhibition L(..)king at Others in Art pavilion.

It’s a two channel video, actually a documentation of her performance from 2006 when she was listening on her iPod belly dance music performing belly dance in front of the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London.

maria_kheirkhan_1.jpgStill from Dancing in the Village by M. Kheirkhah (c)

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