LucyandBart: defragmented beauty – gallery

September 8, 2010

LucyandBart is a collaborative project by Lucy McRae and Bart Hess… They are both interested in exploring human body and its relation to different materials, as well as shapes and spaces… This post here is a follow up of previous similar gallery post dedicated to Lucy McRae exclusively…

LucyandBart.jpgFoam Body by LucyandBart

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Body cinema: Agata Olek’s actions and performances

August 11, 2010

She will crochet us all, my dear friendz… her finger army has no mercy… Agata Olek‘s designs, actions and performances recorded by Andreas Troeger aka TechonologyArtist…


Agata Olek: Crocheted Bike, photo by Christopher Stribley (c)

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Judy Chicago – When Women Rule the World

July 26, 2010

Last summer Textile Museum of Canada presented Judy Chicago’s When Women Ruled the World, an exhibition covering 40 years of her art practice. Judy Chicago is shown as pioneer in many senses, resolving the stereotypes of female art, textile art, community art…., assaulting century-long models of aesthetics, patriarchal society and men-assigned monumentality.


Would God be Female? by  Judy Chicago

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Ernesto Neto – the art of dream, the art of life

July 22, 2010

It’s been a while since I was writing about textile art – but recently Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto took me to some new horizons of art that simultaneously goes for aesthetic and engaged. His latest exhibition ‘The Edges of the World’ has just been opened in Hayward Gallery in Southbank Centre in London, and created specifically for this occasion.


Ernesto Neto, Horizon of events III, detail

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