Body cinema: Body Modification – A Retrospective

October 9, 2010

‘Body Modification, A Retrospective’ is a film being made for the purposes of a documentary class by Alex Scott Perry in 2008. This documentary features Dominic Johnson – writer, performance artist and lecturer in the fields of live art, performance art and body-based practices at the Queen Mary, University in London.


Photo: (probably) Nicholas and Curths. Fakir, 1860s.
Ethnographical Photography in India 1850-1900 by John Falconer

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Interview with Guillermo Gomez Pena: You know, I worship the imagination!

June 16, 2010

Among many film, dance and art festivals in Croatia, Queer Zagreb is also a blogger friendly oriented festival. Thanks to their understanding of the media, I had the opportunity to interview one amazing performance artist and poet, Guillermo Gomez Pena

I interviewed him a month ago after his performance with La Pocha Nostra… for this occasion, Body Pixel co-blogger Ivana also joined me for the interview with Guillermo…

GuillermoGomezPena1.jpgPhoto: Zach Gross (c)

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Partly Private – to cut or not to cut?

May 27, 2010

Partly Private (2009) is a humorous and in-depth documentary by Danae Elon trying to find the answer whether male infants should be circumcised or not?


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Body cinema: Documentary on Bill Shannon

November 21, 2009

B-boy_skater_dancer_choreographer Bill Shannon and his work have already been covered on my blog… of course, that you remember… Today I found new short documentary on his career… Bill Shannon aka Crutchmaster is blogging since April this year, so you can check easily his new projects, ideas and working processes right there…


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