Why I admire Louise Lecavalier

August 10, 2019

I like being inspired by diverse things, no matter is it the arts, life, nature or science. Dance was always an integral part of my mind and the way I like to perceive the world – through movement and body awareness. One the most striking moment was when I discovered the world of La La La Human Steps and dancer Louise Lecavalier during my arts and humanities studies.

Photo taken here

While I was starting as a blogger covering dance festivals I had an opportunity to take few photos of Lecavalier in Zagreb in 2007. Photos are still at wikimedia.

Here is also insightful interview with Lecavalier from 2019.

It’s unbelievable how she continues dancing with such strongness and at some point it becomes surreal. This surreal moment is why I always enjoyed here dance. Pure strength and embodiment of the presence in the moment.


Body cinema: Origami by RJ Muna

April 8, 2012

Instead of blogging and boring you with some facts from my life, and sharing a story on all reasons why I wasn’t so active here, I will just share some links… It will tell you everything you need to know, and YES! I’m getting back to blogging too.

Few new projects emerged from my blogging activities and this site here: running Body Pixel Studio as my personal hacklab and playground;  running I’MM_ Media lab and hacker space in Zagreb with lovely people interested in open source hardware and DIY electronics; and now in the centre of my focus Textil{e}tronics .org for production, curating, workshops, lectures, collaborations and similar activities.


Screenshot from Origami by RJ Muna (c)

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Interview with Nigel Charnock: Choreographing Life

November 12, 2011

Ladiez and Gentlemen, here’s my  first video interview made in collaboration with the Culture of Change & Ganz Novi Festival with gorgeous and energetic Nigel Charnock. Dogme 95 style interview! Luv it!

Nigel Charnock is one of the founders of the cult DV8 Physical Theatre Company and captivating solo performer who owns his own company for more than 15 years. To put Nigel in any theatre or dance  shelves is simply not possible, and why is that, check in our talk.


Photo: Nigel Charnock by Damir Zizic & Culture of Change (c)

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Interview with Marija Scekic a.k.a. Histeria NOVA, part 2: Climber in Contemporary Dance

October 26, 2011

This is the second part of the interview with Marija Scekic. Read the first part here: On New Media and Science in Dance


Photo above:  Little Tragedy, choreography and dance by Marija Scekic
Photo bellow: Human Error, both photos by Nina Durdevic

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