Wearable chronos theremin and MIDI controller by HyperGlitch

May 27, 2011

Today I’m going to present you open source DIY projects by Igor Brkic aka HyperGlitch.  You already know Igor from my Artduino workshop overview few weeks ago, because he was one of the instructors during the workshop.

Igor works as a Research Associate at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Zagreb. He enjoys hacking hardware and devices, preferably MIDI interfaces. But he’s also deeply involved into programming, linux, playing guitar, dsp, arduino…


Wearable Chronos-theremin (cc)

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Saso Sedlacek’s Origami Space Aircraft…

March 4, 2010

It’s already a known thing that artists are sort of explorers… and scientists as well… I’m not taking into perspective now Leonardo and his flying devices, although I could. Sometimes we like to play… When grown ups play, they usually do it passionate.

Origami Space Race by Saso Sedlacek, taken from Kontejner

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Nicodama – put your eyes everywhere

February 19, 2010

Nicodama is one of the latest project by Japanese media artist Ryota Kuwakubo that was exhibited during Device_art 3.009 in October.

Nicodama by Ryoto Kuwakubo
Photo bellow by centralasian (cc)

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Creative noize by Optron

March 16, 2009

Optron by Atsuhiro Ito is very, very cool neon light based instrument… it became widely known several years ago when Sony choose him for the walkman commercial…

Atsuhiro Ito is  sound installation artist who combines performance and noise based sound created via electromagnetic impulses and waves… merging strong, like a stroboscope, neon light to create and mark detached vibes to smash your brain and ears.

optron.jpgPhoto by Sebastian Mayer (c), uploaded by japannoise

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