Pocket cinema: Peter Kubelka’s lectures during 25FPS

May 9, 2011

Combining the mastery of experimental film making and the chemistry of cuisine, Peter Kubelka is certainly more than interesting person to listen to about the art of cinema, celluloid and the sound.

Thanks to peeps from 25FPS – International Festival of Experimental Film and Video we can enjoy two short footages from Kubelka’s lectures Metric Cinema and Metaphoric Cinema held in September, 2010.


Photo above: Peter Kubelka by Viktor Groschedl (c)
Taken from www.kunstverein.de
Photo bellow: from ‘Arnulf Rainer’ by Peter Kubelka (c)
Taken from prehysteries of new media

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25FPS interview with Joost Rekveld

November 8, 2010

Joost Rekveld was a jury member at this year’s edition of 25FPS – International Festival of Experimental Film and Video… Rekveld is internationally acknowledged experimental filmmaker and kinetic & light installation artist.

He has collaborated with choreographer and dancer Emio Greco on Purgatorio, whose motto is ‘exploring the connection between body and mind rather than being limited to the physical possibilities of the dancing body.’

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Pocket cinema: The Magic Sun by Phill Niblock

November 4, 2010

What a nice discovery on the web… really nice… Here’s experimental film The Magic Sun (1966) by Phill Niblock featuring the magical Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra… For those hooked up to the outer limits of visuality and aerial jazzy sounds…


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Pocket cinema: Robert Seidel’s experimental films

September 19, 2010

Robert Seidel is an award winning experimental film maker and visual artist… His films simply mesmerize by recalling psychedelic motifs in new digital environments and soundscape territories…

Robert Seidel: excerpts from ‘_grau’ and ‘passion pit’ (c)

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