Milena Ristic – on the happy side of art and the blunt side of life

December 2, 2010

Milena Ristic is one of those artists who is deeply rooted into everyday reality, but manages to capture its absurdities like miniature fragments – bitter sweet, edgy, direct and hard to resist.



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Second Skin by Hayley May and Fiona Christie

November 28, 2010

While I was diggin’ through the archives of the Montana Supreme World of Wearable Art Award, I’ve found really nice discovery… Second Skin (2009) by Hayley May and Fiona Christie from Wellington, New Zealand.

I’ve managed to find on the web only three pictures of this interesting wearable sculpture… and here is the whole story behind the project, covered by New Zealand’s fair&blog Craft 2.0.


Second Skin by Hayley May and Fiona Christie (2009)
Photo: WOW! (c)

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Body cinema: The Costume and the Body, Loie Fuller and Martha Graham

November 21, 2010

Both pioneers of modern dance and strong women in hard times, Loie Fuller and Martha Graham have made some ground works not only in dance, but in the field that discovers the interplay between the body, space, fabrics, light and movements…


Photo above: Portrait of Loïe Fuller, by Frederick Glasier, 1902
Photo bellow: Martha Graham in Lamentation, by Barbara Morgan, 1935

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Body cinema: Nick Cave’s wearable sculptures and performances

November 16, 2010

Nick Cave‘s gallery has already been featured here… and boy, I luv it…


Nick Cave, photo taken from:

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