Interview with Howard Chaykin: Jazzy narratives and stylish colour-blindness

December 14, 2010

Howard Chaykin is my first interviewed comic book artist from this year’s edition of Funny Comic Show Festival, held in November in Zagreb. I grabbed some of his time after two days seminar on comic book labour, he led at the beginning of the festival.

Chaykin is considered among experts as one of the most innovative storytellers, influenced by jazz and politics, but always on the edgy side of controversy during the history of comic books.


Photo above: Howard Chaykin (taken from F-book)
Photo bellow: American Flagg!, First Comics (c)

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Interview with Danijel Zezelj: Equilibring black and white

November 18, 2009

His characters are nameless, yet each of us… dancer… boxer… prisoner… trumpeter… dreamer… runner…. juggler… invisible painter…

vite_cover_finale.jpgVita Precarie by Danijel Zezelj taken from Globalproject

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