Pocket cinema: Digital Nation – Life on the Virtual Frontier by Douglas Rushkoff

April 5, 2010

Digital Nation – Life on the Virtual Frontier (2009 – 2010) is a documentary film by Douglas Rushkoff that thematizes the media issues in the context of our virtual lives, tech development, networking and multitasking.

This documentary is not made for infinite or final answers but to open a wider debate on the influence of technology and the internet on our lives.


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Pocket cinema: The Children of Darfur by Camilla Nielsson

February 28, 2010

This week I’m going to be mostly concentrated on watching great documentary films at the festival ZagrebDox… Thus, this post is strongly connected with its programme… Camilla Nielsson will present within the programme her latest film ‘Cities on Speed – Mumbai Disconnected‘… and as an intro to moviecholic atmosphere here is her award winning documentary from 2007 ‘The Children of Darfur’…

Photo above: Excerpt from the film The Children of Darfur
Photo bellow: Georgina Cranston (c) taken from UNICEF

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Readaholic: Manga – Forbidden Dance

April 28, 2009

OK, folkz! It’s just about perfect time for a new section on my blog, and that would be Readaholic. Yeah, we’re gonna read together some selected (read: free) books, articles and comics I will dig for you on the web.

It’s not gonna be very demanding or something, promise… Coz, I know that it’s not the same to have printed book in your hands… I don’t wanna make any comparison with anything, right?!


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February 28, 2009

Time to begin my reviews on films I saw on Zagreb Dox Film Festival that occupied me completely over the last five days.

Although I started watching films which were selected in the programme entitled Happy Dox, I’m gonna start with film from the competition programme and that’s animated film Slaves by Hanna Heilborn & David Aronowitsch.


Story AB (c)

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