Interview with Star Simpson, part 2: Prototyping projects morph!

March 8, 2011

This is the second part of the interview with Star Simpson: Prototyping projects morph! Read the first part of the interview here: High Voltage Innovation


Photo above: Star Simpson by Jeff Lieberman, taken from F-book
Photo bellow: Star Simpson, taken from F-book

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Interview with Star Simpson, part 1: High Voltage Innovation

Star Simpson is an open source hardware addict, electrical engineering and computer science student at MIT. Her lifestyle is prototyping, innovating, building things, making devices and hackin’ some wearables.

Star is well known as a team member of the Intellectual Ventures, MITERS, and MonkeyLectric projects.


Photo above: Star Simpson during her lecture in Mama
Photo by Tom Medak (cc)
Photo bellow: Star Simpson by Nick Vu taken from Star’s Facebook

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