The Unquiet Cell costume

November 18, 2010

Few days ago I dug out one very, very interesting costume entitled The Unquiet Cell, actually it’s a wearable installation by visual artist/sculptor Stephen Talasnik and industrial designer Kentaro Ishihara…

“The Unquiet Cell” costume wears dancer and choreographer Judith Sanchez Ruiz and it’s from dance performance ‘Movements Within Stream‘ which was on view this October at Storm King Art Center in New York…


Photo: The Unquiet Cell by Stephen Talasnik and Kentaro (c)
Photo taken from J. Sanchez Ruiz’s profile on
Contemporary Performance Network

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Body cinema: Nick Cave’s wearable sculptures and performances

November 16, 2010

Nick Cave‘s gallery has already been featured here… and boy, I luv it…


Nick Cave, photo taken from:

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Body cinema: Emio Greco – Extra Dry

November 8, 2010

Let’s see 9 minute trailer of the third part, titled Extra Dry, from the trilogy Fra Cervello e Movimento by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten.


Photo taken from
Dance Company Emio Greco (c)

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Body cinema: …and Counting by Wafaa Bilal

April 19, 2010

Wafaa Bilal‘s concept of body marking as a subtly cruel marking and flesh ‘n’ blood IMing is one of the most authentic artworks that I’ve seen lately. Bilal directly and uncompromisingly brings forward political facts that are in constant repetition.

…and Counting‘ by Wafaa Bilal, Photo by Brad Farwell

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