Interview with Nigel Charnock: Choreographing Life

November 12, 2011

Ladiez and Gentlemen, here’s my  first video interview made in collaboration with the Culture of Change & Ganz Novi Festival with gorgeous and energetic Nigel Charnock. Dogme 95 style interview! Luv it!

Nigel Charnock is one of the founders of the cult DV8 Physical Theatre Company and captivating solo performer who owns his own company for more than 15 years. To put Nigel in any theatre or dance  shelves is simply not possible, and why is that, check in our talk.


Photo: Nigel Charnock by Damir Zizic & Culture of Change (c)

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Interview with Aurelien Bory: On stage puzzles and space formulas

October 11, 2009

During this year’s edition of Eurokaz – The International Festival of New Theatre I had an opportunity to interview artistic director of  CIE 111 Company,  Aurelien Bory…

aurelien_bory_1.jpgAurélien Bory in Zagreb, photo taken from SEEbiz (c)

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Body cinema: On Tadeusz Kantor

June 7, 2009

I don’t think I’m able to speak out how much I admire the work by Tadeusz Kantor, an extraordinary visual artist and theater director.

Luckily enough, I found these days a short documentary on his work, as somewhat small visual introduction to the career of this theater genius. Because he was a sort of precede of performance art, I decided to include him into Body cinema, although his artworkz were of outer limits…

1kantorz.jpgTadeusz Kantor

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