25FPS interview with Bruce McClure

January 15, 2011

It seems like I’m publishing here by default video interviews made by 25FPS – International Festival of Experimental Film and Video. Well, yes… I do! It would be a shame to miss out interesting people talking about interesting stuff. As you can see, it can’t be simpler…

Thus, expanded cinema experimentalist and soundscape ‘catcher’ Bruce McClure talks in short about that what’s behind his works ‘There was something else behing it!’ and ‘Treeshade looms up behind the jostling’.

Photo above: Brice McClure, taken from arteleku (cc)
Photo bellow from the cover of Vouchsafe Me More Soundpicture
(Fain Make Glories) LP

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Pocket cinema: Stereo Sucks by FSOL

September 28, 2009

‘Pioneering electronic composers FSOL have teamed up with surround sound guru Rodney Orpheus from DTS, Procella audio systems and Yamaha to create a specially constructed piece of 3-D audio-architecture specifically commissioned for Kinetica’s ‘Life Forms’ launch exhibition,’ back in 2006.


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Future Sound of London – Live in Athens 2009

It’s time to say few wordz about that what exactly has triggered my interest and deep love for electronics and technology… time: early 1990s… only four letters: FSOL… the Future Sound of London

fsol_lifeforms.jpgFSOL, Lifeforms (c)

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Telco Systems’ Mortal Electro at Transmediale 09

February 8, 2009

Thanks to Youtube user roexae, who uploaded video from the performance Mortal Electro by Telco Systems from this year’s edition of Transmediale, you can get partly an image WTF I was blogging about several months ago, when I covered their performance here.

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