Interview with Aurelien Bory: On stage puzzles and space formulas

October 11, 2009

During this year’s edition of Eurokaz – The International Festival of New Theatre I had an opportunity to interview artistic director of  CIE 111 Company,  Aurelien Bory…

aurelien_bory_1.jpgAurélien Bory in Zagreb, photo taken from SEEbiz (c)

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Body cinema: Adapting for distortion by Hiroaki Umeda

August 30, 2009

Dancer and choreographer Hiroaki Umeda had been treated here with special care… His dancing technique, space design and approach to technology have made it so… I found this video thanks to DBM Mediterranean Dance Network which posted  Umeda’s new video ‘Adapting for distortion’ on their Facebook profile several hours ago.

hiroaki_umeda.jpgHiroaki Umeda in ‘Adaptation for distortion’
Photo by Anna von Kooij (c)

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Les Sylphides – bodily air creatures

May 29, 2009

Back to Queer Festival and an interesting performance by duo of dancers / choreographers Cecilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud… an airing experience entitled ‘Les Sylphides‘.

Because this performance explores micro-passages of human existence in conditions that limit vital functions as breathing, the force that drives it is very similar to Raimund Hoghe’s dramaturgy, but it results with completely different end and, of course, completely different poetics.

Sylphides_1_Alain_Monot.jpgPhoto: Alain Monot (c)

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Raimund Hoghe’s tiny little thingz

May 11, 2009

This year’s edition of Queer Zagreb Festival was enriched for different concepts and poetics… the performative aspect of the programme re-marked the position of second and third generation in queer subculture, like Raimund Hoghe, then Ivo Dimcev, Alain Buffard, new forces as Dominic Johnson,  Andre Masseno, Francois Haignaud & Cecilia Bangolea, etc.

In the year of 2009, I’m still enjoying watching video material of early artworkz by Pina Bausch. If there is a theater, besides Butoh, that yet makes me speechless, than we are talking on Bauch’s theatre…

Bolero.jpgPhoto: E. Eggermont and R. Hoghe by Rosa Frank (c)

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