Interview with Hotel Modern: Theatre VJs on brutal themes

October 27, 2009

Back in June, during Eurokaz – The International Festival of New Theatre, Arlene Hoornweg and Pauline Kalker from theatre company Hotel Modern gave me an interview about their work. We weaved our talk around two of their performances – Kamp and The Shrimp Tales.

hotel_modern_kamp_1.jpgPhoto by Herman Helle from Kamp

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Announcing the film on Nikola Tesla: Mechanical Figures

August 13, 2009

I’m extremely glad to announce on my blog the latest multimedia project by Alt + F4 – Bulaja CompanyMechanical Figures – twentythousandcycles.NET‘ which covers the life and work of Nikola Tesla.


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Interview with Bill Plympton: People are obsessed with their bodies

August 6, 2009

During the Animafest, back in June, I have visited master class by cartoonist Bill Plympton where he was talking about his approach to cartoons and showed us some of his latest films. Afterward, we sat and talked a little bit on his career, influences and animation…

bill_plympton.jpgPhoto taken from (c)

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