Negativeland & Positiveland: Travellin’ Through Time

March 11, 2010

Is it possible to travel through time? Not with sophisticated tech machinery but via photography. After all, who says that travelling via photography isn’t sophisticated?!

Those are some questions on which Ana Peraica is trying to find the answer within photography projects Negativeland and Positiveland.

From Negativeland series by Ana Peraica (c)
Glass negative of Nikola Kuzmanic, Leica lens in B&W vs color conversion

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May 11, 2009

Good types and good typographers can really made my day… especially if their visual language is somehow connected with the comprehension and understanding of human reactions and sign dictionary…

As a matter a fact, I think that every designer creates his/hers very, very own sign compendium and that’s the most intriguing thing that attracted my attention…

emotip_.jpgPi+Symbol typographic construction – emoTip+ by N.  N. Polondak (c)

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