Wearable chronos theremin and MIDI controller by HyperGlitch

May 27, 2011

Today I’m going to present you open source DIY projects by Igor Brkic aka HyperGlitch.  You already know Igor from my Artduino workshop overview few weeks ago, because he was one of the instructors during the workshop.

Igor works as a Research Associate at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Zagreb. He enjoys hacking hardware and devices, preferably MIDI interfaces. But he’s also deeply involved into programming, linux, playing guitar, dsp, arduino…


Wearable Chronos-theremin (cc)

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Pocket cinema: We are the Strange

July 5, 2009

Today, we will watch together animated feature film ‘We are the Strange‘ which I saw at Animafest almost a month or two ago, created by cult artist among computer geeks – M dot Strange.

M dot Strange fairly gave to the internet community HD version of his latest film… This film won a bunch of awards at international film festivals over the last two years… not to mention M dot Strange’s animation originality… this film suits perfectly ‘computer games and gadgets’ geeks, definitely… so, if you already missed it, sit and watch…


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Body cinema: Jump Britain – A Parkour documentary

May 7, 2009

Probably you’ve noticed that I’m slightly fascinated with Parkour. Therefore, I’ve decided to introduce you with a documentary ‘Jump Britain’ (2005) by Mike Christie, that covers the story of several free runners in UK.

Free Running is a sub-group free style of Parkour, and the term itself was coined during the filming of the film you are going to watch here, in order to introduce and get closer this street form to the public in England.

urban_freeflow.jpgPhoto taken from howstuffworks

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